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Quick Hits for Tuesday

I’m calling this a partial sick day. The magic of Claritin D is keeping me from being completely miserable, but my mind’s not quite right. So rather than spend too long trying to make a full post, here’s a couple of quick hits from Rasmussen Reports.


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Tim Burns consolidates his lead

It’s late in the day but I know this race is drawing plenty of interest, so here goes.

Daily Kos and Research 2000 hit the PA-12 Special Election. This makes two consecutive polls from sources that lean toward the Democrats. But do Republicans have reason to complain?


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Simulating the House election via Cook [Updated]

The Cook Political Report’s House projections are rather conservative. In 2008 only one flip was not marked competitive, and that was Louisiana’s 2nd CD, in which Joseph Cao upset William Jefferson. I naturally give him a pass on that seat.

What do Cook’s 2010 projections say, and what do we learn from them?


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The Contact Page broke

It looks like the Contact page was broken for a while. I fixed it as soon as I noticed. Sadly that’s the one thing that could break without people being able to tell me about it! 

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Obama and Biden to be succeeded by Republicans?

Rasmussen released two new polls today. The Illinois and Delaware Senate races would seem to have little in common, but they do share a common element: they are being held for the seats vacated by Barack Obama and Joe Biden after their victory in November 2008.

Are voters inclined to send more Democrats to the Senate to work with them?


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Republicans joust in Indiana

Five men are seeking to be the Republican nominee in the Indiana Senate race to replace Evan Bayh. Three have a likely chance to win. From where is each getting his support?


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Quick Hits for Thursday

The Ohio Senate race shows an interesting finding, the Nevada Senate race solidifies, and Georgia gets carpet bombed in today’s quick hits.


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Reversal of fortunes in New Hampshire?

We’ve already seen that Republicans are in fair shape in the New Hampshire Senate race, but it appears that the state could also return to its historical norm of sending Republicans to the House, according to the latest from PPP.


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More excitement in the North Dakota House race

First the Texas and Maryland Governor’s races are closing, and now so is the North Dakota at-large House race, per Rasmussen.

Even in a wave year, not every race moves the same way. Ultimately, candidates matter because ours is not a party list system.


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The race tightens in Maryland

There is more to life than the US Senate. In many states, control of the Governor’s office will have a critical role in the process of redistricting after the 2010 Census and reapportionment of US House seats.

So today we look at the Maryland Governor’s race as polled by Rasmussen.


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Thompson declines and so do Wisconsin Republican hopes

Tommy Thompson was going to give Russ Feingold a tough race, but he decided not to run. How are Republicans doing now to challenge the three term incumbent? Rasmussen has a look.


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Secret Sauce at work in the North Carolina Senate race

One race: North Carolina Senate general between Republican Richard Burr and prospective Democrats Cal Cunningham and Elaine Marshall. Two polls: Public Policy Polling and Rasmussen Reports. Two markedly different results: Rasmussen shows Burr nearly 10 points higher than PPP does.

What’s going on?


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Quick Hits for Wednesday

Here are a couple of quick hits of races we’ve covered recently: The Republican primary for the New Hampshire Senate race, and California general election for Governor.


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