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EFF Picks Winners and Losers with a superficial reading of CLASSICS Act

Copyright is a mess of big government. If we’re ever going to fix it, we need to start eliminating special carveouts for big corporations, and that’s where EFF is getting it all wrong. 

Read More | June 27, 2018
Here’s how state “Net Neutrality” laws are nothing like what the FCC repealed

Favorable press coverage would lead you to believe that many states have passed laws replacing the “Net Neutrality” regulations that the FCC repealed. The truth is far different. 

Read More | June 7, 2018
Counting the Votes: Is there a Blue Wave in California, at least?

Did Darrell Issa quit just in time? By counting the votes in California, we can see if there’s at least a blue wave in that state, even if nowhere else. 

Read More | June 6, 2018
California Votes: Previewing the 49th Congressional District

With Darrell Issa retiring in California, sixteen candidates are on the ballot today fighting to see who will be the top two to advance to November. Hollywood reality TV comes to San Diego county politics. 

Read More | June 5, 2018
Reports: Trump to sell tech transfers to the Chinese Military

ZTE, a “private” company whose board is controlled by a Chinese state-owned military contractor, wants access to US companies for tech transfers. Trump may allow it, for a one time payment. 

Read More | June 4, 2018
No wave in sight: Massachusetts set to split the ballot in November

If it’s a wave year for the Democrats, the news hasn’t yet gotten to Massachusetts, as the latest polling shows that the state is ready to split the ballot, favoring incumbents regardless of party affiliation. 

Read More | June 1, 2018
Has Apple sold out to Putin now?

It was bad enough that Apple was shutting down tools used by Chinese dissidents without even a murmur of complaint. But now they’re bowing to Vladimir Putin’s Russia as well? 

Read More | May 31, 2018
Decimal points in poll averages are scientifically misleading

Political people love the illusion of accuracy. Political pollsters and analysts should not feed into that by feigning accuracy that does not exist. 

Read More | May 30, 2018
Apple to continue capitulating to China, but hopes you won’t notice

We pointed out last week that Apple is selective in standing up to governments. Now they’re trying to distract you from that with a meaningless announcement. 

Read More | May 28, 2018
Giving facial recognition software to government is NOT the problem, folks

Protestors are urging Amazon to stop selling facial recognition technology to the government, but they’re missing the real problem here. 

Read More | May 25, 2018
Republicans can win: It might not be a wave election after all

Back in December it seemed like Republicans were going to get walloped this year. But as of now, are they even set to lose the House at all? 

Read More | May 23, 2018
ZTE: Trump surrenders to China on Iran Sanctions

After promising to get tough on Iran, Donald Trump caves as meekly as Barack Obama by waving the white flag to China on ZTE sanctions. 

Read More | May 22, 2018