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Create Your Own Voter Model

By on October 31, 2012

This is an experimental tool that I coded up in an hour (literally, per my Twitter history) to let you take support levels by party identification, and see how they affect the overall results when the party identification levels themselves are altered.

Alternately, you can plug the actual results of a poll into this, and then change the party identification levels to "unskew" it.

How to use this: There are four sliders. The first one control the party ID breakdown. The left side is the percentage of the electorate identifying with Democrats. The middle goes to the Republicans, the right goes to Independents or third parties.

The next three sliders control the percentages each party supports each candidate. Again, left Democrat, middle Republican, right Independent/other/undecided.

At the bottom is the top line, final result implied by the other settings.

On iOS, to move the sliders: tap the handle you want to move, then tap where you want to move it to.

Enjoy and please report any praise or problems!