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By on July 21, 2010

UnlikelyVoter.com respects visitors’ privacy.

Here is information on what types of personal information received and collected when you use and visit the site, and how your privacy is respected.

As with most other websites, data contained in server log files is collected and used. The information in the log files includes your IP address, the browser you used to visit the site (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), the time you visited the site and which pages you visited.

This information is used internally to plan strategies for the site, and is not sold to anyone, however if legal authorities demand access, that access will be given as legally required.

This site also uses cookies to store information about you on your computer, to enable you to comment more conveniently. These cookies are not stored on site, and may be blocked or cleared at your convenience in your web browser.

Third parties are also used on the site for traffic research and for advertising. Those third parties may store their own cookies or keep their own logs. Ad blocking services may be used in your web browser if this is a problem.