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It’s now socially acceptable to question PPP

For a long time, I was placing myself in the fringe for coming out and questioning Public Policy Polling. Having picked Obama when Obama managed to win was supposed to make them untouchable, no matter how many red flags I saw.

But as with Zogby in 1992, coincidentally being right does not make bad polling fundamentally sound. So I guess it’s now become acceptable, in the post-Obama political age, to begin questioning PPP.


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PPP totally nailed the recall of Angela Giron. Trust them.

According to Public Policy Polling, their polling predicted the recall of Angela Giron in Colorado Senate District 3. They then chose not to release the results.

Whether we believe them or not, this doesn’t speak well of the firm.


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Here we go again, with PPP in Virginia

Here we go again with Public Policy Polling. They did a poll for the League of Conservation Voters on the 2013 race for Governor in Virginia, and the electorate predicted by PPP is a strange one.

You see, it doesn’t look like Virginia.


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Rasmussen Reports and Scott Rasmussen part ways

I know, I never post anymore, but this surprised me. Rasmussen Reports has had a change of management. “Scott Rasmussen left the company last month,” says the firm.

I don’t know what this means. Possibly not much. Possibly a lot.


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PPP’s polls were rigged all along

New York Magazine was trying to be sympathetic to the popular polling figures on its own side of the political, but let out a secret in the process: Public Policy Polling cooked the books all along.


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Create Your Own Voter Model released!

I don’t get to do much at Unlikely Voter these days, but this was easy. Meet the Create Your Own Voter Model tool, a.k.a. the Unskewer. Try out your own party identification assumptions! 

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The Real Clear Politics bias accusation, in three Star Wars lines

Obi-Wan: Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine is evil. Anakin Skywalker: From my point of view, the Jedi are evil. Obi-Wan: Well, then you are lost. 

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Reverse Swingometer is a Go!

By request, I’ve updated the Swingometers to include a new feature: Reverse Swingometer! Instead of plugging in a swing in the two-party vote, and getting a result in seats or electoral votes, this new features lets you plug in that result, and get the necessary swing to make that happen! Enjoy! 

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Approving comments

I’ve just realized I’m way behind in approving comments. I’m fixing that now. My apologies to all who commented and never got approved. Except the spammers, naturally. 

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Neat technology shouldn’t come ahead of poll transparency

Hey look, a post!

While I’m sure everyone involved is so proud of Vanderbilt’s data filtering app for its recent poll of Tennessee showing Barack Obama still losing in one of the two states he ran behind John Kerry in, but the problem is that the details are made less transparent.

What a shame.


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So are Allen and Kaine really tied?

The Washington Post found that among Registered Voters, Tim Kaine and George Allen are tied at 46 in the Virginia Senate race.

Virginia Virtucon’s Riley thinks that’s a bit misleading, though.


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Registered Voters vs Likely Voters: the difference matters

For those who doubt or may have forgotten the difference between Registered Voter and Likely Voter polling for some polls, here’s a chart of every CNN/Opinion Research Generic Ballot poll from 2010, showing Republican lead or deficit per poll, with the RV and LV polls separated. Clear difference, I’d say. 

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Swingometer: Rasmussen tracking poll means big Romney win

Rather than look at just one state, I thought it might be interesting to see what Swingometer has to say about a national poll, and as it turns out, the most recent national poll is the tracking poll from Rasmussen Reports.

This one is much better news for Mitt Romney than the North Carolina poll was.


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