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Poll Survey for February 13

By on February 13, 2014

Poll Survey for February 13

This is a new feature I’m going to start here at Unlikely Voter. When I see a few polls that aren’t really a whole post in themselves, I’ll throw a post out wrapping them all up into one post.

Public Policy Polling isn’t credible these days, with even Nate Silver calling them out, but they have put out a poll of the North Carolina senate race, one that continues the recent PPP trend of showing Kay Hagan’s lead turning into a deficit against all Republican challengers. This comes on the heels of their troll poll of Louisiana which inexplicably identified Phil Robertson as a Republican candidate for Senate before asking those polled for Party ID, and possibly skewing that party identification result.

Wenzel Strategies shows a close race in Kentucky for both possible Republicans against Alison Grimes, though Mitch McConnell is shown ahead in the primary and the general, and Matt Bevin is behind both McConnell and Grimes.

Alex Sink could be making a comeback in Florida as she leads this poll by WUSF/Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9 over David Jolly in the FL-13 special election for the House. Though in a special election like this, on March 11, turnout will be critical, and whether a poll hits or misses depends so heavily on whether its turnout model is accurate.


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