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Donald Trump Hits Legitimate Poll Breakthrough

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

We all expect Donald Trump to get good poll results from Rasmussen Reports. They’ve been giving him good results even when everyone else was showing him far behind. But what if they’re not the only ones now?

That’s right. Ipsos polled for Reuters and the results were very much Rasmussen-like: Donald Trump tied it up at 49 approval, 49 disapproval.

That’s exactly the same as the latest Rasmussen. So can we entirely discount Rasmussen right now? Has their polling somehow wandered into the range of everyone else now?

That’s tough to answer. The polling has a wide range right now from Quinnipiac (the anti-Rasmussen) at Trump -15, with many in the range of -9 to -12, down to a -3 and now two ties.

We can guess that Donald Trump is not popular right now, but his unpopularity is at its weakest point in months. He could be on the mend.


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