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Pew and USA Today find no tipping point for PPACA

Sometimes, as in the case of Roe v. Wade, a change in the law of the land will result in a large change of public opinion in favor of the new change. Once the change is made, certain levels of resistance go away, and others just come to accept it.

Not so in the case of PPACA, Pew finds.

In a poll of 1506 adults (MoE 3), the segment traditionally believed to be most friendly to Democrats, Pews results are clearly negative for the law. Per this poll we’re seeing 53-42 disapproval of the law, 53-41 disapproval of the President on his handling, 38-24 believing the law has had a negative impact on the country, and 47-35 believing the law will have a negative impact in the coming years.

One gets the impression, reading USA Today’s coverage of the poll, that the authors are honestly appalled at the idea that opponents of the bill continue to show a plurality of support. There’s also a lot of belief expressed that if only people knew more about the law, that support would be greater. Except that 93% of Americans have a clear opinion on the effect on the country the law’s already had, and 96% have an opinion on the effect he law will have in coming years. Clearly the American people think they know enough about the issue, having voted on it and other issues in 2010 and 2012.

The people have studied this issue, and they still don’t like the law.


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