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Moral Cowardice: Apple Collaborates with Chinese Crackdown on Dissidents

In the United States, Apple makes a big show of defying the government, by giving citizens tools to assert our right to privacy. In China, Apple is actively collaborating with the government against the people. 

Read More | May 21, 2018
Dems on Defense: Let’s check the latest polls in the Senate battleground

Three polls, three races, all close results. We’re starting to see what the 2018 Senate Battleground looks like, as Democrats try to beat the odds and take the Senate. 

Read More | May 18, 2018
Politicians ask: Is Google going too far to watch your every movement?

Google has an ability to track your every move, especially if you’re using a phone with Google functionality inside. Should the FTC investigate? 

Read More | May 17, 2018
Senate votes to repeal the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, but Net Neutrality isn’t coming back

Today some well-funded special interests are celebrating, but have no fear: Internet price controls are not coming back. 

Read More | May 16, 2018
Restoring Old Technology: a 1930s-era Oscilloscope

Mr. Carlson’s Lab is a great little Youtube channel I wanted to share today. His latest video is a restoration of an oscilloscope from the 1930s. Fascinating look at old technology. 

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Doing the Math: Why the Democrats almost can’t win the Senate in 2018

This is going to be a bad year for Republicans, but the Senate race this year is so stacked in their favor, it’s practically impossible for them to lose control of the body this year. 

Read More | May 15, 2018
Marco Rubio actually understates how crazy it is to let ZTE go unchecked

Marco Rubio took to Twitter this morning to call the President’s statements on ZTE “crazy,” but the situation is actually worse than he lets on. 

Read More | May 14, 2018
Relax: Basic Cryptography Has Not Been Broken, contra EFAIL

For over 25 years, people have relied on cryptography to protect themselves from more powerful snoops, such as governments. Some panicked tweets have gone out, that have done more to mislead than aid people. Here are the facts. 

Read More | May 14, 2018
Trump Administration Ends Global Carbon Cop Program

The United States withdrew from the Paris agreement, but did you know we were still acting as the global police for the agreement? The Trump administration has ended that. 

Read More | May 11, 2018
LISTEN: Researchers Recover Alexander Graham Bell’s Own Voice

No politics, just awe. Alexander Graham Bell recorded his voice for the ages at the Volta Laboratory, and after all these years, we can now hear it again. 

Read More | May 10, 2018
New Poll: Rick Scott Has a Chance to Beat Bill Nelson!

Challenging an incumbent Senator is hard, even for an incumbent Governor. But after months of bad polling, Rick Scott could win this.


Read More | May 9, 2018
Here are the Big Corporate Wallets Behind Wednesday’s Net Neutrality Red Alert

On Wednesday, many websites are going to host a mailing list building form from a little known advocacy group. Here’s what you need to know about their Net Neutrality campaign.


Read More | May 8, 2018
Here’s the Real Reason China is Lobbying to Reduce ZTE’s Iran Penalty

Chinese manufacturer ZTE got caught violating Iran sanctions, and was slapped with a severe export ban as a result. China is lobbying the Trump team to ease up.


Read More | May 8, 2018