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New Poll: Rick Scott Has a Chance to Beat Bill Nelson!

Rick Scott (R-Fla.) speaks to CPAC Florida in 2011 (Gage Skidmore/flickr)

Challenging an incumbent Senator is hard, even for an incumbent Governor. But after months of bad polling, Rick Scott could win this.

Florida Atlantic University previous polled the race between Senator Bill Nelson (D) and Governor Rick Scott (R) back in August. It was part of a long string of polls that favored Nelson. From April of last year to now, only one poll had shown Scott ahead, and that was by the Florida Chamber of Congress.

But FAU is back, and for once, it’s good news for Rick Scott. Florida Atlantic has Scott up 44-40 over Nelson. With an Margin of Error of 3, relatively low for polling these days.

It’s only one poll though, after five this year all showing Nelson up between 1 and 6 points. However most of those came before Rick Scott had formally announced his candidacy. Now that he’s in, and running in earnest, the polling matters more.

Republicans are on defense this year, but this is one seat where Democrats have to watch their backs.


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