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Movement for Burr in North Carolina

I’ve been saying that the results in North Carolina would be a clear decider between the Rasmussen and PPP likely voter models. New polling has made the difference less dramatic, thanks to a Burr surge, but the difference is still there.


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Kos drops Research 2000

Daily Kos has dropped Research 2000 as the site pollster going forward, citing Nate Silver’s poor marks for the firm’s results. I’m glad of this.


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Grading the Pollsters: June 8 edition

Today we have high profile races in South Carolina, Nevada, California, and Arkansas to look back on and see how well the pollsters’ numbers matched the actual results.

As I’m just one person who lacks the luxury of doing this site full time, I’m not ashamed to work off of Real Clear Politics to make these assessments.


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Haley looking to avoid runoff in today’s primary [Updated x 2]

PPP’s latest on the South Carolina Governor’s race doesn’t even cover the Democrats. The assumption must be that Vincent Sheheen has it wrapped up, I suppose.

So, on to the Republican side, where Nikki Haley hopes to win an absolute majority and avoid a runoff.


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Tension in Missouri

Before we look at some of today’s primary races, here’s Rasmussen’s from a few days back on the Missouri Senate race.

John McCain barely won the state from Barack Obama, and apparently the Senate race is just as close.


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Swingometer on the Rasmussen Generic Ballot

Rasmussen has a new generic ballot out, and that means it’s time to see how the Swingometer projects the election to go based on that result.


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Carpet Bombing Connecticut

I’ve been focused on governors lately, so here’s another one of those races. It’s another Rasmussen carpet bomb, this time in Connecticut. Two Democrats, two Republicans, four sets of numbers to chew on.


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West makes a race of it against Klein

By request, we take a look at a poll by Wilson Research Strategies via the Palm Beach Post covering Florida’s 22nd congressional district.


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Rasmussen updates on Sestak/Toomey

We’re in for the long haul in the Pennsylvania Senate race, because I honestly do expect this one to be in the toss-up range from now to Election Day, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to check in on the polls obsessively the whole time looking for clues.

Today: Rasmussen updates on the race.


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Michigan seems like a dream to a pollster

It’d take me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw, or to try to fathom what’s going on in the Michigan primaries for Governor. But the races for Governor are important, so I figured I’d at least mention PPP’s latest on the races.


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