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Is there a race you’d like covered?

Contact me and I’ll give your race a look. Primary, general, Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter.

Unlikely Voter is still in a bit of a holding pattern until the 2010 general election begins in earnest, so I’d love to hear suggestions for what I should be looking at right now.


4 Responses to “Is there a race you’d like covered?”

  1. The PA-12 contest has all the elements of a bellwether national race with Murtha’s heir going up against a Tea Party outsider as well as possible unseen twists with the Primary and Special Election being held on the same day. The person elected to congress on May 18, might not even be his party’s nominee in the November election.

  2. YES!!! Special Election CD19 in Florida APRIL 13TH!! Edward Lynch running for seat vacated by Robert Wexler!! THANK YOU!!!

  3. Indiana seems to be key to whether or not the GOP can take over the House. It is believed that we have 3 house seats and one senate seat that will be competitive. Rasmussen has already issued a couple of polls on the Senate race. I would like to see that covered. The other that will probably be interesting to follow for the general election will be Indiana 9th district with a likely race that will be the fourth meeting of the same candidates (Baron Hill and Mike Sodrel). Obama won the district in 2008, so it will be a fair judge of how the “moderate” support of Obama is moving away from his party.

  4. Hawaii-01, I have only seen like one poll on that race, but it is coming up soon and it looks interesting. It is supposed to be a 3 way affair and I think that could make the race harder to gauge by polling. Still I think it warrants a look.

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