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Randal Paul dominant in Kentucky

I have an exciting new iPhone® app in progress. In fact, I’m so excited about it that I could hardly sleep last night, and worked way too much on the iPhone Swingometer instead.

So perhaps the lack of sleep is the reason I’m drawing a total blank on how to jazz up PPP’s latest on the Republican side of the Kentucky Senate Primary.

I feel like this race needs jazzed up because Randal Paul has been cruising in this race for about as long as I’ve heard about it. The Paul name draws support from a small but committed group of national supporters. On the other hand, Trey Grayson seems to be unable to excite the Tea Party wing of the Republican base.

So PPP shows Paul up 52-34 (MoE 3). With that large of a lead, and that little variance, I’m showing a less than 1% chance Grayson is ahead right now.


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