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Burr shivering in North Carolina

Public Policy Polling updates us on North Carolina and, well, it’s not looking any better for Republican Richard Burr than it did before in PPP’s survey.

In fact, it’s worse, wave year or no.

Oddly enough though, the movement is going both ways. Burr’s approval rating went from a -9 32-41 to a -3 37-40 (MoE 3.9), but Democrats coalesced behind Elaine Marshall to drop his overall lead to a bare 43-42. Burr also leads Cal Cunningham 44-39.

Now, North Carolina’s polling issues I addressed previously, and I think it will be a hugely important state for determining how much of a permanent change we saw in 2008, such as that suggested by PPP, versus the singular wave that Rasmussen Reports’s voter model seems to be suggesting.


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