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Specter commits primary suicide

Every single time we’ve been looking at the polls for the Pennsylvania Primary election, Arlen Specter was way ahead of Joe Sestak. Then he commented that he regretted leaving the Republican Party.

Uh oh.

I was stunned when I saw the Sunday edition of the Mulhenberg College/Morning Call tracking poll of the primary. It showed a steady decline for Specter and a steady rise for Sestak over May, taking Specter from a 48-42 lead, to a 42-46 deficit (MoE 5).

And then today, confirmation: Rasmussen also shows Sestak having made the improbable comeback, leading 47-42 (MoE 4.5).

At this point I question whether Specter has any shot at all, if this trend continues. Though if he can stop the bleeding he’s still in it.


2 Responses to “Specter commits primary suicide”

  1. The only lone who seems to want Specter is Chris Matthews of MSNBC —Specter has no convictions and represents everything that is wrong with our Government

  2. The only thing Specter did well was vote to get Alito and Roberts elected. Other than that his efforts did nothing but hurt America.

    His stance on health care and disrespect of the citizens of PA was particularly shameful.

    No Specter, the healthcare bill will not reduce the deficit, reduce health care costs, improve the quality of care. It will do the opposite !!!

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