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Raese now leads both West Virginia Polls

Some states get seven or eight polls of their Senate races. West Virginia has had two: Public Policy Polling and Rasmussen Reports. And honestly it seems that we were lucky to get PPP to jump in there.

But now that Rasmussen’s latest is out, it’s official: Republican John Raese leads all the current polling over Democrat Joe Manchin.

Yes the PPP poll I already covered, and the new Rasmussen now has Raese up 48-46 on the popular Governor. I assume he’s still popular, but apparently Rasmussen is no longer openly publishing even the favorability ratings for candidates, let alone the crosstabs.

If we ever needed an example of whn the President would do best to stay away from his party’s candidate, this is it with Barack Obama and Joe Manchin here. Manchin again is the popular Governor of his state, but Barack Obama is so unpopular that he is managing to invert the conventional wisdom of local politics and strong candidates by taking down Manchin.


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