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Doubling back on California

By on September 21, 2010

Doubling back on California

So it’s looking like PPP is the only pollster so bullish for Democrats in California, because we’re back to polling that has the race close with the new result from Fox News.

Even as PPP shows California Democrats as enthusiastic about voting as the TEA party-boosted Republicans, Fox News’s new polls done by Pulse Opinion Research show the Senate race virtually tied at Democrat Barbara Boxer 47 – Republican Carly Fiorina 46 (MoE 3), virtually identical with last week’s 46-44.

However Fox must be disappointing Republican Meg Whitman some, as her 6 point lead on Democrat Jerry Brown in the poll last week evaporated into a 45-45 tie this week.

Fox doesn’t give a partisan breakdown, but Fox does have Boxer underwater at 41/49/10 job approval and Barack Obama also behind at 45/47/8, numbers markedly worse than PPP’s for both Democrats.


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