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Kentucky Senate race stabilizes

I need to make more direct links to Real Clear Politics. I rely on them heavily for their poll aggregation. I just load up the Recent Polls page and I get post ideas all the time.

So here’s a direct link: RCP points out that in the latest Rasmussen poll of the Kentucky Senate Race, there really isn’t any change. The race is stable, with Randal Paul on top.

Yes, Paul leads Jack Conway 49-42 (MoE 4.5), only a point off from a month before. The race doesn’t look as clear cut as it did before Paul chose to speak a little about bills that were passed when he was in diapers, but since he stopped doing that the race seems to have settled in.

Conway was never a favorite but he’s going to have to rock the boat if he wants to make progress, because I doubt Paul will say more than he has to from here on out.


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