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Tied in Georgia

By on July 6, 2010

Tied in Georgia

John Oxendine has long held the lead on the Republican side of the Georgia primary for Governor, but if InsiderAdvantage’s poll for WSB is accurate, that has changed.

It’s tied says this poll, and Karen Handel made it one.

In a seven way race, with three in double figures and 34% undecided, anything can happen, which made it all the more notable that Oxendine led for so long. But now IA shows a tie: Oxendine 18, Handel 18, and Nathan Deal now in third at 12, with 4 candidates in single figures (MoE 3.1).

Insider Advantage points out that the television ad war is just beginning, so we’ll see who has the money and the message to win that fight. California taught us that one good ad push can make all the difference, especially with the right endorsements backing it up.


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