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A tie in Maryland

By on June 16, 2010

A tie in Maryland

The last time we looked in on Maryland, former governor and Republican Bob Ehrlich had taken his 7 point loss to incumbent Democrat Martin O’Malley, and narrowed the deficit to 6 and then to 3 in the polls.

Now it’s all tied up.

Maryland’s House delegation isn’t as large as some states have, but at 8 seats (7 D-1 R in 2008, with no size change projected for 2012), the Governor’s veto over redistricting could still command a two or four seat swing in the House.

So now that Ehrlich has caught up with O’Malley and tied it at 45 (MoE 4.5) The two candidates’ favorability profiles are similar, they’ve both proven they can win statewide for this very office.

2010 is the rematch, and the House of Representatives could be at stake. And from here on out it’s a new race.


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