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Florida Special Election: Lynch v Deutch

Also by request I’ve taken a look at the Florida special election coming up next month for District 19, filling in the seat vacated by Robert Wexler.

Sadly I can find no polling for this (special) general election race. Given that Wexler’s closest race was his first one in 1996 when he beat the Republican 66-34, and additionally this is in the part of the state most friendly to Democrats, pollsters just don’t expect this race to be close.

Could the Republican Ed Lynch beat Democrat Ted Deutch? In this climate and for an open seat it’s possible, but I have no data to know if it’s likely at all, sorry.

Please contact me if you have a poll for this race!


4 Responses to “Florida Special Election: Lynch v Deutch”

  1. Why would you only list Lynch & Deutch? On the ballot is going to be Jim McCormick and Josue Larose.

    If you’re going to write about the election, you should include all the candidates on the ballot.

  2. What is odd about the 19th district is that it voted 71% for gore, 66% for Kerry, and 65% for Obama. Basically, it is actually trending Republican but still a very, very Democratic district.

  3. Just more old people moving in…

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