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Delegate count update proves Santorum’s exit correct

I’m back. The last ten days have seen me move cross country and start to settle in to a new home and a new job.

While I was gone, we had some primaries. So it’s high time we took a look at the delegate situation. Of course, since I started writing this post, word has come out that Rick Santorum is exiting the race, so let’s see if that was the right idea.

April 3 was a night of winner-take-all races. It was also a night that was good for Mitt Romney, so the result was a delegate wipeout. Despite Santorum gaining more Louisiana delegates in the handy RCP delegate count, Romney’s 86-9 wipeout on the 3rd was damaging. That result took Romney well over the zero barrier, which means he’s again won an absolute majority of delegates awarded to date.

Any Momentum Santorum had late last month is gone. Romney truly does seem like the inevitable, presumptive nominee at this point, even if Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul contest this all the way to Tampa. So I have to say it’s smart for Santorum to quit, because then he can gain respect in the party for giving up when he’s beaten, to help the Republican Party begin to unify.


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