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CNN confirms the Rasmussen post-debate result

CNN polled the results of its debate, and of course the results had to come out just after I published my latest national polling survey.

Fortunately it changes nothing I said, though. Herman Cain seems to have missed an opportunity to extend a lead, and instead has fallen back close with Mitt Romney.

The facts: 391 registered Republicans, mobile and landline, MoE 5.

In this second post-debate poll, we’re seeing results similar to the first. Rasmussen had it 29 Herman Cain-29 Mitt Romney-10 Newt Gingrich-9 Rick Perry. CNN responds with 26 Romney-25 Cain-13 Perry. Gingrich in fifth.

Perry clearly has fallen off, and risks leaving the top tier, but he’s not gone yet. Now and then a Gingrich or a Ron Paul will pass him, but it’s someone different every time, and it’s usually a one off blip. Meanwhile Cain is not running away with anything, and Romney has stayed about even.

CNN did not poll favorabilities, but I’m guessing Cain’s are sky high right now, while Perry has fallen back to Earth with Romney and the other mortals. As I said repeatedly with Rick Perry’s rise, those will be key to seeing how Cain is actually doing. When those break, how he moves matters.


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