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Angle’s run now matches Reid’s run

After the primary in Nevada, there was no doubt that Democrat Harry Reid had taken a real lead over Republican Sharron Angle, not when he led six polls in a row, and 10 of 12.

Sharron Angle has now matched that run: She’s won 10 of 12 polls, including the last six.

Of course, one of the six is the weird CNN poll, but Reid’s run including polls of all Registered Voters, so it all balances out.

Odd note though: The last three polls all show the same result: Mason Dixon for the LVRJ has Angle 49-Reid 45 (MoE 4), Rasmussen shows Angle 49-Reid 45 (MoE 4), and that CNN poll read Angle 49-Reid 45 (MoE 3.5). Quite a coincidence, and indicative of real movement Angle’s way in Nevada.


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  1. Could good ole Harry’s lead have been because of reported ballets already check by his name? Hmmmm

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