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We’ll know early if the polls are all wrong

Quick hit to close the weekend: If the Florida Governor’s race isn’t close, as this new Sunshine State News/VSS poll shows in a 45-45 tie, then we’ll know the polls this year were out of calibration.

In particular, if Republican Rick Scott wins handily over Democrat Alex Sink, then the Democrats may have a long night.


One Response to “We’ll know early if the polls are all wrong”

  1. It seems like so far the polls are wrong. Early voting gives the nod to democrats. I’ll just be happy when this election is over, there are way to many ads where I live. TV, radio, internet I can’t escape it. I don’t really care who wins, to me both parties are pretty much the same. They both support big banks, no one ever gets prosecuted for white collar crime.

    One more thing, this election cycle has been pathetic, no talk of the foreclosure fraud, no talk of the endless wars, no talk of jobs getting shipped over seas just constant attacks on the opponent.

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