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No movement yet in Delaware

By on October 12, 2010

No movement yet in Delaware

To my eye, the polling in the Delaware Senate race is shown no movement whatsoever, even in light of Republican Christine O’Donnell’s famous start to her television ad campaign. Democrat Chris Coons is still comfortably ahead of her.

There’s a chance that future ads and coming debates will change the race of course, but as of now I’m thinking that the fat lady is going to catch a flight to Delaware after doing her warmup in Ohio.

So this new poll is by Monmouth University, but it was only conducted over a few days and so despite being some random University poll, it doesn’t look awful on its face. And the Coons 57-O’Donnell 38 (MoE 3.5) result is right in line with the other poll out today.

That other poll is by Fox News and POR, and it’s not much better for O’Donnell. At 54-38, MoE 3, it joins the Monmouth poll as showing less than a 1% chance of O’Donnell being ahead.

Some say it’s not over, but I’d need to see serious movement before I’d start paying much attention to this race going forward.


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