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Democrats exploiting a divided right in Florida

Florida is a state often friendly to Republicans, but is perfectly capable of voting for Democrats. So I think Republicans do have reason to be concerned about polls like PPP’s of the Governor’s race, but I also expect that Republicans will be better off after the primary.

For now though, Republicans are divided and Alex Sink leads.

Even the the PPP writeup suggests that the primary battle between Rick Scott and Bill McCollum is hurting them, as Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike are souring on them. But I fully expect that to change after the primary, when Democrat Alex Sink and independent Bud Chiles start to take some hits.

But the poll reads what it reads: Sink 36, Scott 30, Chiles 13 (MoE 3.26) in one matchup, and Sink 37, McCollum 23, Chiles 14. So both Republicans are hurting, but McCollum seems to be hurting more right now.


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