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Buy the Swingometer for iPhone and iPod Touch

It’s here, and it’s only $0.99 in the App Store℠! It’s Swingometer for iPhone® and iPod Touch®! Now there’s an optimized interface for the small screen, when the web version just isn’t handy enough!

Am I excited? You bet!

Swingometer for iPhone contains both the House of Representatives Swingometer and the Electoral College Swingometer, just like the website, only optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch form factor and touch screen. You get a slider instead of having to enter in numbers directly, but it still gives you the full results, including which seats or votes are gained or lost.

At this low price, the Swingometer for iPhone is a great way to show support for UnlikelyVoter.com without busting the budget in this economy. Please consider picking it up so that I can develop more web and mobile apps.

And yes, for those who might be wondering: an Android Swingometer is in the exploration stage. I make no promises, but I’m seriously looking into it.

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