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Illinois Update

By on July 11, 2010

Illinois Update

Yes, it’s the weekend but I thought I’d toss these two polls out there as they’re both important, close races in a big state.

Rasmussen has updated us on the Illinois races for Governor and Senator. I think both sides have something disappointing to see here.

First, the candidates for Governor. Some thought that between the Blago trial and the disastrous state of the Illinois budget, Pat Quinn would be in worse shape than a mere 40-43 deficit behind Bill Brady (MoE 4.5). But, here we are. The favorability ratings seem to tell the tale: Brady is also disliked (16 very unfavorable to 15 very favorable), though less so than Quinn (27 very unfavorable to 11 very favorable). The voters don’t like anyone right now.

And that feeling carries over to the Senate race, where Rasmussen has nobody over 40, though Alexi Giannoulias leads Mark Kirk 40-39 (MoE 4.5). Voters just hate both of these candidates, it seems. Giannoulias is deep underwater at 7% favorable to 21% unfavorable, and Kirk is nearly identically submerged at 7 and 20.

I said a while back that None of These, the Nevada ballot option, could win in Illinois, and that still seems true.


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