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Speculating about West Virginia

There seems to be some disagreement in West Virginia over the proper way to fill the seat vacated by Robert C. Byrd. Some say the the Governor should make an appointment until November 2012, when a special election will be held to fill the seat until January 2013. The Attorney General is saying the special election must be held this November, and so Rasmussen polled the race.

It’s widely believed that popular Governor Joe Manchin, Democrat, wants to run for the seat, and previous Republican Senate nominee Shelley Moore Capito will run again. Rasmussen gives that (pictured) matchup handily to Manchin 53-39 (MoE 4.5).

But in true carpet bomb fashion, Rasmussen also tried Manchin against Betty Ireland, the Secretary of State. That’s even more favorable for the Democrat at 65-26.

This may be a wave year, but candidates matter, and as of now Manchin is a popular man in West Virginia, even if his party is in trouble nationwide this year.


3 Responses to “Speculating about West Virginia”

  1. Capito shouldn’t run this year – she should wait to run for Gov. I also doubt Ireland will run. The GOP is likely to run a 2nd tier candidate in WV, which is fine – let Manchin’s campaign play out and see what happens: if a 2nd tier candidate was going to win in any year, this is the year. Better to save our top tier candidates for other races in other years…

    • I don’t think I agree with that. Republicans are better off running the best now rather than against Jay Rockefeller.

      • earlgrey says:

        Doesn’t Manchin have like a 70% approval rating in WV? How can running against him be better than running against Rockefeller.

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