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Kos drops Research 2000

Daily Kos has dropped Research 2000 as the site pollster going forward, citing Nate Silver’s poor marks for the firm’s results. I’m glad of this.

Not because I have some sort of grudge against Research 2000, but simply because their results are wrong. The best thing for me is to have a) the right questions b) asked frequently c) about important race d) with correct results. The Kos polls succeed generally at a), b), and c), but apparently because of Research 2000 have fallen down on d).

Given the partisan leanings of the site, I’ve been open in cheering for the site to use Public Policy Polling going forward. Whether they’re affordable for a community website I have no idea, but if it could happen I would look forward to the results.

Kos polls the big races and does it often. I’d love to be able to use the results.


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