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Election Night Open Thread

By on November 2, 2010

Election Night Open Thread

Good Evening! Below the fold is an Associated Press chart of calls in progress.

4:25pm PT: AP has called it for Leahy, Coats, Paul, and DeMint. No surprises yet.

4:40pm PT: Portman not a surprising hold for Republicans, but it was called for him. Kasich’s inability to get a call yet just underscores his polling collapse in recent weeks.

More updates below the fold.

5:30pm PT: Back from the bank and in for the night. No Senate surprises yet: Ayotte, Mikulski, Coons, Shelby, Rubio. Lynch in NH the first Governor called. No House calls in the Black Belt.

5:40pm PT: Boozman, Isakson, Burr in the Senate. Haslam (TN), Beebe (AR) for Governor. Still waiting on a surprise. I don’t think the 62 R-23 D trend in the House per AP will last though.

5:45pm PT: Coburn, Blumenthal in the Senate. Still no upsets.

6:05pm PT: It’s the hour, so time for some more snap calls. Hoeven for Senate.

6:10pm PT: Moran, Thune, Gillibrand, Schumer for Senate. Why did AP call Hoeven before Thune? Weird. Daugaard (SD), Brownback (KS), Cuomo (NY), for Governor.

6:20pm PT: AP calls it for Manchin for Senate. Just 3 more and the Democrats keep the Senate.

6:30pm PT: A bunch more AP calls for Governor: Heineman (NE), Snyder (MI), Bentley (AL), Perry (TX).

6:40pm PT: Ehrlich: the wrong candidate in the right year. AP calls MD for Governor O’Malley.

6:45pm PT: Fallin to be the next governor of Oklahoma, says AP.

7:05pm PT: Vitter re-elected in Louisiana. AP House calls at a lopsided 120-69 split right now.

7:10pm PT: McCain, Grassley, for Senate. Mead (WY) for Governor.

7:15pm PT: Governor Patrick (MA) re-elected.

7:20pm PT: Blunt for Senate. Hickenlooper (CO), Corbett (PA) for Governor.

7:30pm PT Lee for Senate. No AP calls for the Democrats for Senate west of the Appalachians. Herbert (UT) for Governor.

7:55pm PT Haley (SC) for Governor.

8:05pm PT Crapo wins easily. CO looking surprisingly good for Bennet, possible first surprise. Quinn also up in Illinois shockingly. PA so very close for Senate.

8:10pm PT Wyden re-elected to the Senate. Otter (ID), Walker (WI) for Governor.

8:15pm PT Johnson for Senate. Toomey, Kirk, and Bennet still lead.

8:35pm PT Due for some calls I think. AP has the House now at 185-122.

8:50pm PT Boxer re-elected in her closest race ever.

8:55pm PT Toomey ekes one out.

9:05pm PT Brown (CA) gets a third term as Governor, and Deal (GA) along with Kasich (OH) get a first term. Looking good for Scott (FL), Foley (CT), Shumlin (VT), Martinez (NM), Brewer (AZ), Dayton (MN). LePage closing on Cutler (ME). 0.1% difference in IL.

9:10pm PT AP calls it for Inouye, which gives the Senate to the Democrats. Governor Brewer (AZ) wins re-election.

9:15pm PT Martinez (NM) in as Governor.

9:25pm PT Kirk beats Giannoulias. Buck tightens CO. Reid still ahead in NV. WA still very close.

9:30pm PT Sandoval (NV) takes the Governor’s race in NV.

9:45pm PT I’ve been at this for four hours, and the WA, NV, CO, CA race counts are going to be at it a while. Break time for me. Thanks for reading!


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