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Three seats I’ll stop wondering about

Some Senate seats I’ll worry about all the way to November, but today when I looked at the list of new polls out, I got a flood of races I’m pretty comfortable calling for the Republican, barring any new news of course.

Georgia: Johnny Isakson +12 over Michael Thurmond per Insider Advantage for WSB. MoE 4.

Louisiana: David Vitter +12 over Charlie Melancon per Clarus Research Group for WWL and other Louisiana stations. MoE 4.

Arkansas: John Boozman +38 over Blanche Lincoln per Rasmussen Reports. MoE 4.

Some may worry over these races when one of the Republicans makes a brief but inevitable dip or one of the Democrats makes a brief but inevitable rise in the polls. However I might not even write about any of these three races anymore unless I hear of a reason they should be changing, or see sustained movement toward the Democrats.


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  1. They’re already saying that Lincoln could be wiped out by a historic margin against an incumbent. It really is sad or laughable, depending on how you look at it.

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