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Pick ’em in Nevada

By on August 18, 2010

Pick ’em in Nevada

It’s been pretty rough for Sharron Angle since she won the Republican nomination for Senate in Nevada. Republican “allies” and opposing Democrats both have been attacking her, with each repeating the other’s attacks and magnifying them.

So Harry Reid made what I thought was a surprising comeback to take a small lead, after spending months hovering around 40. But Rasmussen’s latest says that the attacks may have hit the point of diminishing returns.

Some, including Angle’s defeated primary opponents, seemed to think that she was on the way to defeat, but this new poll has her tied at 47 (MoE 4). That’s a drop from both sides, for Reid from when Ipsos showed him up 4 a couple of weeks ago, and for Angle from when Rasmussen showed her up 11 in June.

This may yet turn out to be the closest Senate race in America.


One Response to “Pick ’em in Nevada”

  1. Nevada Voter says:

    Reid’s dirty campaign will backfire on him. He and his handlers have been twisting and spinning so much that he is turning off voters. Even the two main newspapers in Las Vegas and Reno have been spinning and twisting to the point that voters don’t believe what they read any longer. We are sick of Reid. He’s out of touch with the majority of us.

    ANYBODY BUT REID but much says it all!

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