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One more Georgia Poll

By on August 10, 2010

One more Georgia Poll

Another buzzer beater poll to look at: local Republican oriented firm Landmark Communications polled the Georgia runoff primary for Governor between Karen Handel and Nathan Deal.

This time, the advantage goes to deal. Can’t we get any consistency in primary polling this year?

As far as I can tell, Landmark Communications is not working for Deal or Handel, so this poll is by them as a third party, and they have Deal up 44-42 (Sample Size: 623). One thing that stands out to me: in this poll men favor Deal 45-41, which is a reversal of the trend I’ve noticed in which men prefer the women. It’s that trend that seemed to help Handel finish in first in the first round, for example.

Deal also does best in the younger age bracket, winning 18-34 voters 42-19. As voters get older, they lean toward Handel.

Deal wins soundly among Republicans 47-41, but Handel wins independents 44-33. Traditionally that’s a sign of general election strength, but in an open primary and a year in which TEA Party independents are out in force, maybe it will help in the [primary], too.


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