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Colorado Senate Update

By on April 9, 2010

Colorado Senate Update

More confusion is ahead as we look at Rasmussen’s latest treatment of the Colorado Senate race.

Honestly, there’s way too much going on here to make a lot of sense of it. With three Republicans and two Democrats matched up in the poll, I can’t imagine even those surveyed were keeping everything straight by the end.

But for what it’s worth, among Republicans Jane Norton has an average lead probability of 80%, Tom Wiens is at 76%, and Ken Buck is at 74%, making Norton the strongest Republican right now, according to this poll. For Democrats, Michael Bennet averages 28% and Andrew Romanoff averages 17%.

I conclude the pictured pair of Jane Norton and Michael Bennett would theoretically be the strongest candidate for each party in the general election. Beyond that, this race is too complicated to call right now. Multiway races are so chaotic.


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